ASCD and the Longview Foundation wish to thank the following people for contributing their time and expertise to the creation of this report. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of focus group members who participated in sessions during the 2017 Teachers for Global Classrooms Symposium in Washington, D.C. and ASCD’s Empower17 Conference in Anaheim, California. Inclusion on the following list does not indicate endorsement of the report’s content or recommendations.

Longview Foundation, Lois Adams Rodgers

Association of School Administrators (AASA), Bernadine Futrell

Asia Society, Heather Singmaster, Tony Jackson, and Kate Farmer

Association of Elementary Principals (NAESP) & Smithfield High School, Rhode Island, Deborah Tyler

Association of Secondary Principals (NASSP), Dan Kelley

Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, Michelle Neely

Columbus Council on World Affairs, Brad Gosche

DC Public Schools, Kate Ireland

EdLeader21, Valerie Greenhill

EF Education First, Kathleen Welling

Fulbright Alumni & El Toro High School, Janet English

Fulbright Alumni, Rebecca Leech

Harris Road Middle School, Christopher Balga

iREX, Sarah Bever

Kent State University, Linda Robertson

Independent Consultant, Mary Canole

Independent Consultant, Sarah Warren

Hingham High School, Rick Swanson

Lewton Global Studies/Spanish Immersion Magnet School, Tom Buffett

Massachusetts ASCD, Isa Zimmerman

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Helga Fasciano

Primary Source, Jennifer Boyle

Richland Two Institute for Innovation, Kirsten Bullington

Roosevelt Middle School, Clifford Hong

Roosevelt High School, Julian Hipkins

TGC Alumni & Belleville West High School, Cyndi Oberle-Dahm

TGC Alumni, Kirstin Bullington

TGC Alumni, Michelle Neely

TGC Alumni & Ithaca High School, Steve Weissburg

U.S. Department of Education, Maureen McLaughlin and Rebecca Miller

U.S. Department of State, Jennifer Gibson, Betsy Devlin-Foltz, Michael Kuban, and Maxine Lunn

University of Maryland, Jim Greenberg

Vaughn Next Century Learning Center, Brent Wozniak

Watertown Middle School, James “Kimo” Carter

Waverly High School, Chris Huff

Wellstone International High School, Minneapolis, MN, Aimee Fearing