• By weaving global competence into school and teacher experiences, we seek to engage and inspire a meaningful connection to the world.

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  • Great teaching and learning practices deserve supportive policies. We help connect the two. 

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    Global Competence
  • Teachers give their students the world. And that’s why we invest in teacher educators.

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    Teacher Preparation
  • Students today are preparing for work and life in an interconnected world. See the data and visualizations that show just how globally interdependent we really are.

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    Mapping the Nation
  • Educators, we can connect you to a world of resources. See our resources for your state, district, building, classroom, for out-of-school time, or for your own learning.

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    State Network for International Education

Education in World Affairs
& International Understanding

The Longview Foundation seeks to build a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world by equipping youth with a global perspective and understanding of political, social, and environmental issues worldwide.

We accomplish this by supporting teacher preparation, state initiatives and coalitions, and innovative programs focused on internationalizing education in the United States.

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