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We are strongly committed to collaborating and strengthening the field through efforts with key partners. The efforts below are just a few of the many resources we have codeveloped to integrate global competence and to highlight exceptional practice.

Interested in integrating global understanding into your school and district and don't know where to begin? Here is a list of resources organized by type. Here is a resource list organized by state.

Global Certificates and Diplomas
Certs Logo.jpgThe global education certificate is a distinction awarded by a school, district, or state to recognize graduates who have demonstrated that they have knowledge and skills needed in an interconnected world.

Growing diversity and a global economy are demanding our graduates have a new set of skills. Certificates go beyond grades and test scores to demonstrate a young person’s readiness for a global future. Longview recently collaborated with Asia Society and members of the States Network to create a new online resource to better understand how states, districts and schools are using distinctions to enhance global understanding.

Mapping the Nation

Mapping the nation

Mapping the Nation is an interactive map that pulls together demographic, economic, and education indicators — nearly one million data points — to show that the United States is a truly global nation.Working with Asia Society, SAS Statistical Software and the States Network, Longview co-sponsored and managed the collecting, reporting and analysis of almost 1 million data points in education, demographic and economic inputs and outputs. This online resource also includes state summaries, infographics, analyses, policy and teacher tools, and recommendations.

Integrating Global Skills into CTE

U.S. educators face a critical new imperative: to prepare all students for work and civic roles in an environment where success increasingly requires the ability to compete, connect, and cooperate on an international scale.One promising way in which students can learn about and apply global competencies is through Career and Technical Education (CTE). With an anchor in preparing students for the careers of their choice and a focus ct the critical academic, technical, and employability skills needed for success, CTE offers a natural platform on which to build global competencies. Globally

cte-webinar-twitter.png minded CTE programs provide the rigorous and authentic setting necessary to prepare students for the competitive world economy, while offering a more engaging, motivating, and relevant education experience. This paper was co-developed with ACTE, NASDcTEC, Asia Society, and Wanda Monthy. Download a copy of the paper here.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 12.56.01 PM.pngThis new paper from the Center for Global Education at Asia Society, in partnership with AACC, ACTE, Advance CTE, and the Longview Foundation, seeks to demonstrate the need for community and technical college administrators and faculty to offer a curriculum with an intentional global education component, particularly within its CTE programs. This paper offers insight and examples from community and technical colleges committed to this charge. The examples in this paper are intended to support community and technical colleges and their faculty as they seek to integrate global competence into existing CTE course content to lead future generations of students into twenty-first-century careers.

Exploring International and Intercultural Understanding through Global Literature

Longview Foundation thumbnail.jpgA new guide, Exploring International and Intercultural Understanding through Global Literature, provides examples of how K-12 teachers worked together in study groups to integrate global children?s and adolescent literature in their schools. The guide includes links to teacher vignettes that provide rich details of classroom experiences and books that encourage global perspectives along with structures for teacher study groups. Download the new Worlds of Words literacy communities guide here.

Preparing Globally Competent Teachers Through Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning
Ohio University recently produced a resource that looked at Cross-Cultural Experiential Learning, Exposure to Diverse Content, Multiple Perspectives, and Critical Inquiry, and explored Authentic Opportunities to Take Action. You can download the full guide here.

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