Before You Apply

As a small foundation, the Longview Foundation must focus its resources in order to have impact. Trustees have identified K-12 education in the U.S. as their primary area of interest and fund projects that directly support building global perspectives in teachers and students. Proposals funded will advance the field or impact significant numbers of students.

What the Longview Foundation does NOT fund:

  • Projects outside the United States or
  • Projects that reach small numbers of students and teachers
  • Work that does not advance or contribute primarily to global understanding in K-12 education
  • Support for individual PK-12 schools or programs within individual schools
  • International travel
  • Project work linked to a specific country
  • Overhead/indirect costs above 10%
  • Individuals
  • For-profit entities

Budget Amounts and Restrictions

The foundation is interested in supporting activities that have other sources of funding and can demonstrate sustainability beyond the grant period.

Most grants will be between $15,000 and $25,000. Given the current economic climate, the Longview Foundation expects to make fewer grants at the top of this range in 2022. If you have not applied for a Longview grant since Fall 2018, please review the streamlined process FAQ here.

Conflicts of Interest

The Trustees of the Longview Foundation are committed to avoiding conflicts of interest, and the appearance of conflicts of interest, in line with our Conflict of Interest policy.  As many trustees work in the field of international education within the United States, applicants who consider that their application contains proprietary or confidential information are requested to approach the Executive Director in advance of submission.  The Executive Director will work with applicants to determine whether such information is indeed proprietary or sensitive and, if so, will agree with the applicant that this information will be withheld from relevant Trustees.  This will not prejudice the outcome of the application. Longview strives to serve as a supportive partner to its grantees and the education community  to increase global competency and international understanding.

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