Our Work

The Longview Foundation builds purposeful partnerships between state government, NGOs, colleges of education, and communities to integrate global competence into teacher and student experiences to prepare them for tomorrow.

“The Longview Foundation is the only foundation in America which channels all its funds into the special field of developing international understanding at the pre-college level. In my view, this is the area with the greatest need—and the least support.”

—William Breese, 1986

One of our very first grants in 1966 was a $1,000 award to the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education to create a pilot project to be rolled out in 10 sites across the country. It was followed by a $500 grant to the National Council of the Social Studies for a pilot to be rolled out in a New York school district.

Today, we continue the tradition of supporting teachers and working with myriad policy and non-governmental partners to deliver high-quality international educational experiences to students.

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