Partner Organizations

As a foundation who works across the nation on a number of big issues, Longview relies heavily on partnership organizations to further the impact of our work.

In the past decade particularly, we have developed a strong network of collaborative relationships around teacher preparation and state policy in particular. We encourage productive partnerships that cross private and public sectors to identify and address the current and emerging challenges around internationalizing student experiences and building global competence in the United States.

Asia Society’s Global Learning and Leadership’s mission is to develop students' and young leaders' global competence as the foundation for understanding between people in the Asia Pacific region and throughout the world. Longview partners with Asia Society on the States Network for Internationalization, Mapping the Nation, and Career Technical Education activities.

Global Teacher Education’s mission is to ensure that U.S. teachers are properly trained to prepare our young people to cope and thrive in a globally–connected world. By partnering with colleges of education and professional bodies in the education and teacher preparation spaces, GTE supports the internationalization of teacher preparation programs by connecting professionals, as well as advancing and disseminating research and best practices.

In addition, we are active members in Grantmakers for Education, Exponent Philanthropy, the National Council for Social Studies, and the Council on Foundations. We also keenly support increased collaboration and connections within our grantmaking network.

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