Partner Organizations


Our work is constantly in flux— the world is complex, and the U.S. education system is ever changing. But over the years, one thing remains steadfast: our commitment to working with partners to advance our mission.

It is sometimes a daunting experience, seeking ways to stretch the modest funds of the Longview foundation so that they may have some effect on the enormous and diverse public-school world, controlled by 50 different states and reflecting hundreds of thousands of different communities across this country of ours.
                                                            William Lawrence Breese, 1986

Since the beginning, Longview Foundation's policy has been to forge partnerships s a way to fortify the role of education in creating a more peaceful world. We have established hundreds of productive partnership that support increased collaboration and connections within our grantmaking network.

In the last few years, in particular, we have worked closely with partners and facilitated networks around teacher preparation and state policy.

Longview partners with Asia Society on the States Network for Internationalization, Mapping the Nation, the Global Education Certificates Resource, and Career Technical Education activities. Asia Society’s Center for Global Education work centers around how to educate all students for employability and citizenship in a global era.

In addition, we are active members in Exponent Philanthropy and the National Council for Social Studies. We also keenly support increased collaboration and connections within our grantmaking network.

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